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Degas: More than Just Tutus

Getting Technical: The Art of Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema

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Grandma Moses: Never Too Late to Start

Monet's Garden in Giverny

Pierre-Joseph Redouté: Flower Painter Extraordinare

Sculpting the Legacy of Camille Claudel

The Birds of John James Audobon

The Charm and Spirit of Franz Hals

The Rediscovery of Bouguereau

Vincent van Gogh

Andy Warhol: Artistic Entrepreneur

Portrait of an Artist: Gilbert Stuart

Rene Magritte and the Meaning of Meaning

The Decorative Art of Gustav Klimt

The Indian Gallery of George Catlin

The Intimate World of Mary Cassatt

The Naivete of Henri Rousseau

Waterhouse: Expert on Women?

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Diana Blake is a professional artist and art history enthusiast. Her fascination with art history began when she encountered European art firsthand during several trips abroad as a young adult. As she began to compose a portfolio for her own art career, she called upon what she had seen in Europe and extended her knowledge to other styles of art through profuse reading and exhaustive research. As a result, Diana has written more than one hundred articles in which she delves into a variety of art history topics and she has compiled a list of links that she believes to be invaluable for art history enthusiasts. In addition, she also reviews books and movies on the topic of art history and has assembled an extensive list of online stores that sell books, movies and gift items related to art history.
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