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Book: The Sidewalk Artist
Authors: Gina Buonaguro and Janice Kirk
Published: October, 2006
Publisher: Thomas Dunne Books

available at

Synopsis: New York author Tulia Rosa’s relationship with her live-in boyfriend is on the rocks. In an attempt to sort out her feelings and also to find some inspiration for a new book, she embarks on an open-ended European tour. As chance would have it, Tulia meets a mysterious sidewalk artist in Paris who bears an uncanny resemblance to the Renaissance painter, Raphael. Tulia’s developing relationship with the artist leads her to an idea for a new novel but also a series of disturbing dreams. As the lines between Tulia’s own life and that of the character in her novel seem to merge, Tulia questions the true identity of the man she loves and her own connection to the past.

Editor’s Review: The Sidewalk Artist begins a little like a corny romance novel but as it progresses, the cleverness of the plot becomes apparent. The fact that Tulia becomes increasingly involved with a man who won’t even reveal his name adds tension to the story and the way in which her unsettling dreams merge with her novel create a mystery that begs an explanation. The unpredictable conclusion lets you choose if you’d rather believe in coincidence or, well, ... I won’t spoil the ending for you! Besides the emotional journey Tulia experiences as she rethinks both her romantic and familial relationships, there’s plenty of “art talk” in the book as she travels from Paris to Venice, to Florence, and then to Rome.       I wouldn’t describe The Sidewalk Artist as riveting or intense but instead, a very charming book that is a pleasure to read with an ingenuous plot and a likable heroine who is willing to take risks to find happiness.

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Diana Blake is a professional artist and art history enthusiast. Her fascination with art history began when she encountered European art firsthand during several trips abroad as a young adult. As she began to compose a portfolio for her own art career, she called upon what she had seen in Europe and extended her knowledge to other styles of art through profuse reading and exhaustive research. As a result, Diana has written more than one hundred articles in which she delves into a variety of art history topics and she has compiled a list of links that she believes to be invaluable for art history enthusiasts. In addition, she also reviews books and movies on the topic of art history and has assembled an extensive list of online stores that sell books, movies and gift items related to art history.
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